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Not Every Property Has Large Windows Or Plenty Of Floor Space! Space and light are two key things that tenants and buyers are looking for when searching for a home in South Cheshire. Sadly, not every property has large windows or plenty of floor space. However, if your property happens to be a compact basement f....

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What Do I Need To Do For End Of Tenancy Cleaning? When you’ve been letting a property, whether it’s been for just six months or six years, the tenant should make sure the place is clean and tidy before they leave. A good landlord will require the property to be in a tip-top and sparkling condition ready fo....

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Moving Home in South Cheshire: Who Should I Notify? Moving home can be the wonderful fresh start you need. A new place, new location, new neighbours and new friends we just haven’t met yet. You may have got all the financials in place, instructed the lawyers and got the removals company all booked in. But wa....

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3 Things To Know About Landlord Insurance in South CheshireAre you thinking about investing in landlord insurance? While it may not be a legal requirement, you’re leaving yourself open to a huge amount of risk without it. Here are the most important things you should know about landlord insurance, including wha....

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2022 Update EPC Rules have changedEnergy Performance Certificates (or EPCs) have, until now, been barely significant when it comes to the South Cheshire housing market. But it’s important to be aware that there are big changes afoot with regard to EPC requirements, and landlords in South Cheshire need to pay close....

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How to Prepare Your Property for Rent in South Cheshire Understanding how to prepare your property for rent is an important part of the process for landlords. Getting the preparation right can make all the difference if you want to find a tenant quickly. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the property r....

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When you are a landlord, you should remember that people actually live in your property! It’s more than just bricks and mortar and an investment. It’s ultimately someone’s home. There lies within property ownership a responsibility to tenants to make sure that they are safe. Indeed, it’s an obligation, an....

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A Jargon Buster Guide for Buy to Let Landlords in South Cheshire If you’re a buy-to-let landlord in South Cheshire, or you’re considering renting out your property, you may be confused by the many industry terms you find in use. That’s why the team here at Bespoke Lettings have put together this helpful ja....

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7 Small Space Gardening Ideas As the summer months creep up on us, those with properties in South Cheshire with small outside spaces are bound to be eager to make the most of them! So, here are seven tips on how to maximise even the smallest of gardens. Create a Herb Garden Herb gardens are a great place....

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The Benefits of Owning a Buy-to-Let Property Owning a buy-to-let in South Cheshire and renting out your property can be very rewarding. It can be a way of having a regular income coming in, together with actually owning something that should increase in value over time. If you are considering renting out a pro....

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Artificial Grass: The Solution to Achieving a Low-Maintenance Lawn? Many homeowners do not have the time, money, or desire for the upkeep required to maintain a vibrant natural lawn. Without real grass, it can be a struggle to know how to fill your garden, especially for those looking for a relatively low main....

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How to Deal with Your Energy Supplier When Moving House in South Cheshire The process of moving home in South Cheshire can become highly stressful. With a seemingly endless to-do list, mounting cardboard boxes and looming deadlines, getting in touch with energy suppliers is often pushed to the bottom of the pile....

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